Game-dependent Stories

Game-dependent Stories

I do not have to look very far to find a player: I am a coercionist himself.

First of all, I played poker. This gradually became more time-consuming. I started playing an hour or two so often. Then it went for an hour or two every day. Eventually I played from eleven in the morning until midnight day after day. Inevitably led my studies. Then my home made life. After I lost three months income on a shortage, I stopped. Just like that.

My wife was more than upset by my behavior. I did not want to lose her. The choice seemed simple over time. What I did not expect was that my addictive type would simply express itself in other ways.

I went into real estate development. I bought two old cottages, made up them and sold them for profit. Then I bought two more and was as successful. Then I bought a farm and it was an absolute disaster. I had done well when property prices went up but I crashed when the inevitable recession followed.

My bank manager had said that I seemed to have talent in this area. Of course I did. Everyone does when the values increase. The skilled professionals buy at the bottom of the market and then sell at the top. They all see it as a company, not as a passion.

I cleaned out. I remained because of more than our total assets.

I was lucky enough to get my professional income so that I gradually managed to return to solvency.

So, as real estate values rose again, I made my home and my office new and did a rehab.

During the first year we lost our total financial assets, but as property prices had risen again, I could re-lend and stay again.

It established the pattern for the next twenty two years. Every time we made a loss, I re-mortgaged. The home that I bought for 4,600 pounds ultimately had a mortgage of 650,000 pounds. Rehab expanded and we built offshoots.

Eventually, I had paper assets of many millions and I had one hundred twenty employees.

In my personal life, I was always very abstemious. I bought used volvo. I rarely took holidays. I bought books instead of rich mens toys that would decrease in value.

But I risked too much and trusted too much and it took me down. Obsessioners tend to just give up their addiction when they have nothing left to lose. That is just what happened to me. Unfortunately, my gambling addiction hurt my wife.

Games at casinos or on races or in betting shops or online never appealed to me. My game was seemingly legitimate - but it was playing despite it and I paid a terrible price for it.

Today, I work highly, do highly specialized and sensitive work with people who are depressed or rescued or traumatized.

I am looking for addicts of all kinds, and I am also working with their families. I have had vocational training and experience to know what I do in this field of work.

Even more importantly, I have had the personal experience that I can instinctively understand other players and guide them to put it behind them.

I think I was born with an addictive tendency and I will die with one.

But nowadays, I am not playing anything, not even on the lottery. I do the things I need to do every day to keep me from forced behavior.

I am happy, in peace with the world, creative and enthusiastic. I do not want to build an empire again or take risks of any kind. I am very satisfied as I am.

Dr. Robert Lefever is considered a pioneer of drug addiction and rehab centers in Britain. He established the very first rehabilitation center that treated patients with eating disorder, along with those with drugs and alcohol problems. He was also the first to handle forced play and has heard many game addiction stories, including his own.

Over the past 26 years, he has worked with over 5,000 people suffering from stress, depression and various forms of addictive behavior mainly alcohol, drug and food problems and having a busy private medical practice.

With this unparalleled experience, he now offers intensive two-week one-on-one interventions that deliver results in a third of the time than the traditional 6-week home-based programs offered elsewhere.

This approach is perfect for people for whom time really is money. The one to the nature of this treatment also comes with the assurance of genuine confidentiality compared with group residence, regardless of prestige.

In 2009 he resigned as a practitioner and from medical practice entirely to focus on the work he loves.

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