What are the biggest dos and don’ts of a social media entrepreneur?

Today every new entrant to the world of social media for business, wants to achieve millions of followers and create brand awareness in people’s mind. We need to realize that this is a tough process and many entrepreneurs just fade away from people’s memory, in spite of having great products. This happens as they are not aware of the way the social media works.

Certain rules should be followed to achieve success in the virtual marketplace. Here are some do’s and don’ts for you.


  • Create a clear image for your brand. This means whatever you say about the product should be easy to understand. It should not be ambiguous.
  • Recognize your target market. You should be aware of their shopping habits, their browsing habits, likes and dislikes, geographical location, age, and gender etc. Learn as much as possible.
  • Plan your strategy well and in advance after a good research. Planning well is well begun.
  • Test your strategy slowly and then go all out only after affirming its effectiveness. You can change and make it better before it is launched.


  • Do not keep repeating the same messages. New content will attract more people to your account.
  • Do not become lazy or laid back after you receive a decent number of followers. It does not take much to drive people away to other accounts. So post regularly.
  • Do not ignore your followers or their remarks and comments. This will allow you to understand them better so respond and encourage them.
  • Do not underestimate the power of number of followers to increase the popularity of your account. Do not hesitate to buy some initial likes, I would recommend buying cheap Instagram likes here, if you feel that it will help you in reaching out to more people.

Choose your influencers wisely and follow the tips given by successful entrepreneurs. Now most products are marketed through social media platforms. Try to make the right choices while creating the online strategy for your products. There is no reason to be left behind in this race to the top when you know all the secrets of marketing.


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