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Choose Your Guitar Amp Wisely

Choosing a guitar amp is a big decision, as it will decide how your guitar will sound in front of a crowd. If you have an experience of purchasing guitar amps in the past, you would probably we aware of the specifications to look out for. However if you are new and this is your first guitar amp purchase, you must do enough research prior to the purchase.

While choosing a guitar amp, there are many great selections like the line 6 Firehawk that will perform better than you can imagine. But trying them all out is important.

What all to look out for before buying a guitar amp?

Buying a guitar amp must never be an impulsive decision, but in fact must be a planned one. It always a good idea to inform the music store that you plan on trying the guitar amps, and so they are ready with a sound proof room for trials etc.

Yet another important thing is to carry your own guitar when you go to try the amps. This will give you a better idea of how the amp makes your guitar sound.

Make sure you try a few amps before making your decision, as it is usual for the first few to sound amazing until you compare which of them sounds better.

Always play the kind of music you play during the trial, this helps to understand how your music will sound to a crowd.

During each trial, crank up the volume to the top and the lowest along with the regular volume at which you play. You will be able to understand the amount of distortion and noise that takes place at different volume levels.

Investing in the biggest and most powerful amp you play your eyes on, is again a mistake. As a 1000 watt power guitar amp will take up a huge space and will be tough to haul everywhere.

The most expensive guitar amp is the best and the cheapest is the lowest is a misconception. What is important is which amp makes your music sound the best.