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Social media is no longer a safe place. It is a potential place for cyber spammers and hackers to steal your personal and professional information and to cause damage to you. It is best to be a private person rather than being a social butterfly.

By being private you are not being targeted by hackers. You and your personal data are safe from these cyber thieves. Chances of online fraud are very less. There is no scope for online theft of money by accessing your online portals of money transfer.

It is best to remain private and remove your public profile from leading data sites with this:

  1. You can either delete or deactivate your social networking, web service and shopping accounts. It just requires you to go to the account settings and either deactivate or totally delete your account.
  2. There are companies that collect your personal information. It is best to delete all information from these data collection sites. To simplify the process DeleteMe services can be used.
  3. Remove all information from the websites. It could be old posts, or a blog written by you, anything that bears your name has to be removed.
  4. Remove sensitive personal information posted about you from all the websites.
  5. Remove all the outdated search results on Google. This is a try to remove your presence as much as possible from online sources.
  6. The last and the most important step are to just delete your e mail accounts. The process may vary for different e mail service provider. But definitely this is worth doing.

The only important requirement needed during this process is patience. No process will be complete in just one day. It is good to accept that certain facts cannot be deleted permanently from the account.