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Home Studio Essentials

If you are keen on music composition or mixing of sounds and want to make a career out of it then you can simply get started by having a home-based studio of your own.You need not invest a lot of money to set up a big studio at the initial stage. The only requirement will be to have all the necessary equipment that you will need to do all your experiments on tracks. These essentials need not be overpriced. There are lot of brands which hold a great reputation for cheap price but at the same time they offer high end quality.

  • To get started, firstly you must have a good computer which can be a bit costly but the fact is almost everyone owns some sort of a computer which performs good so it will be perfect to at least start.
  • You need dedicated software which can perform all functions like edit, record and mix music on your system. Such software is known as DAW which means Digital Audio Workstation.Also, with that buy an audio interface which is useful for connecting the computer with other gears.
  • Microphones are required for clarity in the recording of vocals as well as instruments. There are varieties of microphones which have specific functions. So, you can gradually have a collection of these mics which will fulfill various purposes.
  • You need good headphones too. The two mainly used headphones are closed back headphones which is used for tracking and open back headphones which is used for mixing. With the closed back headphones, there will be optimal isolation but the sound quality will be less. Whereas with the open back headphones, there will be lesser isolation but optimal sound quality.
  • Studio monitor speakers are must for mixing of sounds. These can be a bit expensive but you can find some which are quite affordable.