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How Technology Is Changing The Drug Test Industry

Most of us are aware of how drugs impact our work productivity to the extent of getting sacked. The worst thing about taking drugs is the fact that the one taking it never realizes the impact unless it becomes an addiction and a tremendous blow to one’s career is what it takes to understand the consequences of drug intake.

Drug testing policies at work are included to ensure that a new recruitment or existing employees are not under any influence of drugs because it could negatively impact work output and lead to losses. The Internet is abundantly filled with ways to pass a drug test successfully but the only way to do so is to not be on drugs or to flush out drugs from the system before the test.

What is new in the drug test industry?

Despite the fact that there are ways to escape a drug test from triggering a positive, new technologies in the drug test industry are making it even more difficult for those who are or have been on drugs. These tests can trace back toxins to a larger time period than ordinary drug tests can. This means that even if you have stopped taking drugs a couple of months back and think you are clean, you might still test positive.

What are the tests like?

One of the latest finds in the drug testing industry is the hair follicle test. Drug traces can be found in the hair follicles for as long as 90 days so if the test is conducted anywhere in between this time period, you are likely to test positive. However, the one and only successful way to pass this test might be the new detox drink that flushes out all toxins successfully. You could visit the website of detox drinks meant to pass hair follicle test and check it out for yourself. I found great detox drink reviews here and it has been a life-changing experience for me.