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When you see a person walking in with a top brand handbag, you immediately know that this is no ordinary person. The exact same impression is made about you when you walk into a crowd with a handbag like that. It simply means a person does not have to try and prove anything to anyone as their bag will speak for itself.

But as with all luxury items, top brand handbags also come at a whopping price. And it is only obvious that you would want to seek the best price for these bags. As it is not unusual for the prices of these bags to hike by every passing year, so even when you get a discount of a few percent you still save a big chunk of money.

And so it is normal to look out for top brand handbags at affordable prices. But one needs to be very careful while looking at top brands with discounts, as there will always be a risk of falling prey to fake brands as these end up only as loss.

You must look up places that sell nothing but original products. Even when you are getting some great discounts on products online, you must make sure you check the products thoroughly before placing the order.

All big brands have certain factors that are unique to only their brand. You must look out for those signs, like:

  • A Gucci bag will always have a ‘Controllato’ card along with the bag that is proof that it is original.
  • An original LV bag will have the initials engraved on a leather tag. And many other such signs.

However there is a general rule that one must look out for no matter what top brand you are looking at.

  • If you cannot find these typical signs, always ask for the sales receipt. Here her associates number and date of transaction cannot be fabricated.
  • The stitch of bags of top brands will always be perfect.
  • The material will be top class.
  • The hardware like zippers, clasps etc will never be plastic coated or rusted.


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Photo of when I Got married at the Envoy hotel roofdeck

The Photo of when I Got married at the Envoy hotel roofdeck makes me believe in the magic of technology. Photography has been part of our lives for ages now. It is the revolution that it has brought in time that has enhanced the act in a big way. The way it has been talked about and implemented has truly evolved too.

Wedding photography is one of the most popular shoots today. There are many tricks that one can do to make it better. People look at wedding snaps all the time and spend a bomb on it. It must be made worth the effort.

  • Be prepared. Make a list of all the props that you need along with the locations where they need to be shot at. Keep spare batteries and extra lights just in case. Having a backup plan in case the weather does not permit is prudent.
  • Talk to the couple and see how they like to be presented. Re-enacting their special memories together is a good idea.
  • Check your camera equipment and the lenses that are needed to suit the scenery along with the angle.
  • Practice before the real shoot. Get a fake couple if you must. You will never know what works out and it is not sensible to experiment on the day of the wedding.
  • Get the best friends of the couple to introduce you to the important people of the wedding. It is vital to cover the close family and friends for the album.
  • Silence is the virtue. The ability to take candid snap comes from being nonintrusive. The charm of the snap is stolen when the subjects become conscious of the camera.
  • Last but not the least, make sure that the bride smiles. She might not like the constant reminder but she will thank you for it someday.